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Huxi Township Office

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Huxi Township Hall-Penghu County

Huxi Township Hall-Penghu County


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Sections Duty and Assignment
Secretariat Assists township chief in managing all affairs.
Civil Affairs Section In charge of common civil affairs administration, social education, national education, rituals and heritage, civil defense, social movement, household affairs, land administration, mediation, cemetery, public health, public property and the selection, recruitment, assignment and management of military obligation affairs.
Finance Section In charge of finance, taxation, property and public cashier affairs.
Construction Section In charge of hydraulic constructions, urban planning, roads and bridges constructions, public building constructions, other public constructions, street lamp constructions, buildings and facilities, public business management, national housing, agriculture, forestry, aquiculture, livestock and business promotion affairs.
Administration Section In charge of archives, PR (news), general affairs, official seal, research & development and evaluation, convenience service, national compensation, and affairs not covered in other sections.
Social Affairs Section In charge of low-income households, community, senior welfare, physically and mentally disabled population welfare, teenagers and children welfare, women’s welfare, National Health Insurance and other affairs.
Personnel Office In charge of personnel management and evaluation.
Comptroller Section In charge of budgeting, accounting and statistics.
Civil Service Ethics Section In charge of civil service ethics investigation, administration, prevention and other affairs.
Nursery In charge of children’s nursery, health and other related management affairs such as social works, document, research & development and evaluation, procurement, property management.
Cleaning Team In charge of trash clearing and disposal, cleaning roads, dredging ditches, cleaning and transporting liquid manure, disposing large wastes, and the management and supervision of other cleaning-related affairs.